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After a long hiatus, I'm back to blog (again).. I'm from the tropical island of Singapore, in south east asia and its hot here all year round. And no, we do not have the 4 seasons here.

I love watching movies and anime and I enjoy reading manga as well. I love fashion design and I think Alexandra Mcqueen and John Galliano are great designers. If given a chance, I would love to be working in a fashion industry.

I'm not a conversationist but I listen alot to other people and maybe learn something from them. People think I'm a snob, but it doesn't really matter.

Like I've said before, this is my blog, and I'll say what I want. Please don't send me comments on how bad my english/grammer is. If this page doesnt interest you, press Alt+F4, I'm sure it will bring you to something more interesting. :) merci beaucoup
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+and i love him so...
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Esquire, Taiwan

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my new love, daniel henney :)

lee junki
+out in theatres & on Utube+
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I'm watching the anime NANA on youtube. Unlike the movie which was cut up pretty much, the anime is just like reading the manga. Anyway, its a good watch, so go search for it!

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Takeshi's new movie made by infernal affairs directors. Can't wait to watch it! For more details and more hot pics, visit Confession of Pain
+waiting for..+
+dear takeshi to appear!

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+i wanna go korea!
+black ipod
+more space in my room (almost there)
+a cupboard for clothes and books
+a bed-my back hurts
+a nice fluffy pillow-neck hurts
+revamp this room
+dvds to watch
+peace from insurance agent Amen!
+nice bags
+a new career
+produce toys & tees for sale

lol, seems kind of hard to fulfill but what the heck, its a wishlist and wishes dont always come true!
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my fault
Friday. 9.5.08 11:22 pm
why is it that everything bad that happens seem to be my fault?
why is it that people are rude to me?
why is it that no one likes me?

Is it because I have a high tolerance level and people take me for granted? patience has it limits too. and listen up biatch... i don't owe you anything so i don deserve to be treated this way! I am pissed to the core, and my head is fuming with smoke!

Go ahead and bitch about me. The world has eyes to see, and even if the world hates me, i don't give a damn because i don't live for you! so scoot off and dang I don't give a hoot about you. I have tolerated enough of your crap and its time to let go! If you have had a bad day at work doesn't mean that others had it good neither. I suggest you sit in a corner and think about it.

arrghhh pfft!

Ok ranting is over...

I came here to rant and scream because I didn't have any one else to tell it to. ok, breathe in..... breathe out...... breathe in.... breathe out...... count to 10....

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:) its back
Sunday. 12.23.07 12:01 pm
i'm am so glad nutang is back! and i am sure everyone else is too! and everything is intact.

its godlike... =)

thanks Dave

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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chicken pie?
Tues. 7.24.07 10:12 am
this has got to be one of the funniest video ever... :)


to understand why he was so worked up... read http://www.xiaxue.blogspot.com/

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harry potter
sunday. 7.21.07 8:17 am

good morning people!

you guys should watch this harry potter clip.. its ...erm... boobilicious!

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conversations with uncle p.
Friday. 7.20.07 10:20 pm
i admit i wasn't in the best of moods today. worse of all, my boss had to send me out on delivery with the driver, uncle P.

He's a middle age man, or is he a senior? but i think he's in his 50s..

I have nothing against old people and trust me, I treat them with respect. I have never flared at uncle P neither, but i can swear you can hear the volcano on my head erupting and the lava about to gush out. *SPLAT!* yes... i can almost picture that scene...

uncle p : we are going to central right?
me: yes, go central then go to location B
uncle p : u know which way to go right?
me: huh? no, not really, i dont drive. but roughly i know where it is.
uncle p : oh. i know where it is. i went before (then why did u ask me?)

upon reaching destination,

uncle p : this building, central
me: yes, this one
uncle p : this building.. yeah, this building (then repeats 3X)
uncle p : where is the car park??
me: erm.... (i said before...i dont drive) so i have no idea. sorry
uncle p : where is the carpark? (repeats 3x)
me: ......

other famous questions by uncle p

1) wow! you bring flowers to put in the vase, use sissors cut ah??

>> aburthen.. uncle p... if i dont use a pair of sissors to cut the flower, what else would I be using?

2) you like to listen to chinese songs? youngsters like you will like this kind of music.. you go disco? go hot ah?

>>OMFG... it was like centuries ago that i heard people using that phrase "go HOT ah?" For those of you that might not know, go HOT, is like a local crude lingo for going to nightclubs and discos and enjoy, dance, get drunk and whatever.. and no, uncle P, i dont go HOT anymore.. do you even know how old i am?

3) are you singaporean? chinese arh? can speak chinese?(repeat 3x)

>>yes, true blue singaporean who eats chilli with everything and who bothers to Q up for donuts. (and uncle P thought i was thai....)

4) points to some random pinkish flowers by the roadside and asks, these flowers are what? what name?

>> erm.. uncle P, i might work at a florist but it doesnt mean i know the names of all the flowers, esp not those by the roadside, thank you very much.

i know i'm being bad... but i still respect him as an elder and I didnt answer him back.. but..... STOP those silly questions pleaseeeeeeeeee! its driving me nuts!!

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sunday GST 7%, 10:59 am
this is the day, that our government increased our tax up to 7%. how great... :-S

The other day....

i was in behind the curtains, trying to change a CD, when i heard the door chime go "ding dong!" and so I thought someone had come into the shop. When i popped my head out to peep, I saw no one...

its not a ghost, i told myself, no its not

I continued changing the CD and when I turned around, I saw this human figure, behind me...

ARuGHHH!! Screaaammmm!!

No, I didn't physically scream but I was screaming inside of me.. WTF! Then I saw this guy who is one of the shop owners...

and he was speaking in a ghostly voice.. ~~excuse~~me... ~~excuse me~~~

keeping my calm, I said, YES?

Hehehe, is your boss around?

NO, HE'S OUT. I said

and what pissed me off was when he said,

" Sorry, sometimes I like to HIDE and scare people"

WHAT THE......

and I gave him a sacarstic, Heh Heh...

It wasn't funny at all, mister!! You scared the wits out of me and my soul nearly flew away from my body!

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